Kids Dance Sport

WELCOME and thank you so much for entrusting the Kids Ballroom Dance Sport Academy with your dance education.  Dance With Stars Danceport Academy is like no other dance studio.  It is a unique Ballroom and Latin dance center for children and youth only.  Academy dance instructors social and competitive level Standard and Latin dancing in an easy to learn format with a twist of fun and high professionalism.  Your children will find many profits, many benefits, and many enhancements to life learning to ballroom dance whether it is introduced as an avocation, pastime, or hobby. They will find an enhanced appreciation of music and its rhythms; as well as will experience an increased sense of balance, and a more fluid movement in walking and running.

Sport classes for children. Whether dancing competitively, or simply for fun, we believe that children learning dance in a healthy, creative environment expands imaginations, builds self-esteem, bolsters self-confidence, promotes self-discipline, and establishes a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

  • It teaches teamwork between boys and girls
  • It teaches discipline through practice and routines
  • It teaches understanding of music’s rhythm and tempo
  • It teaches coordinated movement individually and with a partner
  • It teaches poise, balance, strength and confidence
  • It teaches good dress and manners
  • It teaches a skill and ability that will be very useful throughout life.

Invest in Your Child’s Future with the Gift of Dance!!!


One comment on “Kids Dance Sport

  1. Hola mi nombre es Estela.Me gustaría saber si tienen clases de danza para niñas de 2 años o si me pueden dar información a donde la puedo en katy tx

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